AmCan Tire LLC

AmCan Tire LLC commenced operations January 2023. At a time of considerable change and consolidation in the tire industry, AmCan Tire LLC’s primary objective is to be a fresh new alternative to sourcing tires and wheels.

Provide customers an added value service through both the products and the customer service experience; with service being defined by the customer.

One of the objectives of AmCan Tire LLC is to not sell every customer in every channel, or to compete with any of our customers; rather build relationships with strategic customers; to provide an added value by working with our customers to build their business.
AmCan Tire’s success is based upon bringing unique value propositions to our customers.

Working closely with our customers, our focus will be to identify product screen opportunities by providing a solution from the existing products or identify alternative solutions.


Our current product offering consists of passenger, light truck, medium truck,
ST trailer tires as well as ST and medium truck wheels. Based upon the needs of the customer,
AmCan Tire LLC will expand its product portfolio in the future, by sourcing quality products at a competitive price.
Allow AmCan Tire LLC to be your go to source for your product screen needs.

AmCan Tire LLC has geographic regions available to today across all existing product categories.
We look forward to working with new customers to identify opportunities for today and tomorrow.

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Passenger & Light Truck

AmCan Tire will launch proprietary passenger and light truck offerings in 2024.
We are currently in the process of finalizing the product portfolio with manufacturers.
We will build our distribution network during the balance of 2023. Contact us now if you are considering 2024 product screen changes, don’t wait, secure your markets today.
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ST Trailer

AmCan Tire is proud to be launching 2 new ST trailer offerings, Wildforce ST and Rainier ST.
Both products are produced in the same modern manufacturing facilities in Thailand and provide unique value propositions.
We are seeking regional retailers and distributors with the ability to purchase multiple containers per month.
We are taking orders now for these new product lines, contact us for details.
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Medium Truck

AmCan Tire successfully launched Landfleet medium truck tires within the last 90 days.
The first shipments will be delivered to customers in June of 2023.
Select regions of the USA remain available for distribution of this quality product that is very competitively priced. In June of 2023, we will be accepting orders for our next exclusive medium truck product line, Rockfleet.
This 5-steel belt construction tire will provide exceptional first life mileage and superior recapability when compared to products of a similar price.
Rockfleet will provide a margin opportunity for those customers that are looking for a unique value proposition.
contact us for details.

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